Chemence is a world leader in impregnation process technology and markets Anaseal® Impregnation Sealants in 20 countries worldwide. We synthesize the primary constituent chemicals in an advanced chemical reactor plant. AnasealTM manufacturing processes are certified to the exacting requirements of our ISO9001:2008 certification.

Anaseal Impregnation Sealants meet MIL-I-17563C and have Underwriters Laboratories Recognition, as well as approval to automotive and industrial specifications. Anaseal sealants are available in ambient and thermal curing formulations to satisfy a broad range of processing requirements. Anaseal Anaerobic and Thermal Curing Impregnation Sealants cure to produce thermoset, cross linked materials which are suitable for continuous service at temperatures up to 399┬░ F (204┬░ C).

Cured polymers exhibit minimal shrinkage and possess excellent resistance to hydrocarbon solvents, fluorinated solvents, alcohols, mild acids and bases. The Anaseal system is supported by a team of highly skilled research chemists and technical engineers providing evaluation, advice and on-site support. A complete line of impregnation process equipment is offered as well as custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.